Seventy-year-old Joe Decicco never realized how many people he's touched. That is, until he arrived at work a couple days ago, to a surprise gift from a group of customers who've been impacted by him at the Florida fast food restaurant where he works. "You could have the worst day, and by the time you get to the drive-through there, you're just smiling [because of Joe]," said Raj Gohill, one of the hundreds of contributors who donated to an online Foodie group created to spotlight local restaurants and staff during the pandemic. Members decided to vote for a favorite employee and the beloved "Taco Bell Joe" won "by a landslide." An employee of the fast-food chain for 20 years, Decicco said, "It's my customers that I owe this to. They bring out the best in me.... They give me strength. They give me wisdom. They give me vitality." The gift was also moving for the givers. Tricia Phillippi, who organized the group and award, teared up, reflecting, "To just be part of this and to see this man so touched, it is life-changing for me. I'm very, very grateful."

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