For Carl Sobocinski, who owns Table 301 Restaurant Group in South Carolina, the seeds for feeding the food insecure were sown in the early months of the pandemic. After the cancellation of a major conference he was slated to cater, he and the owner of a business consulting firm began brainstorming ways to keep restaurant employees working while serving the needs of the community. To meet their goal, the two men came up with methods to provide thousands of meals to local food banks, rehabilitation centers and shelters, employing restaurant staff to prepare the food. As of the second week of December, they have fed more than 5,000 people. Some 30 independent restaurants have joined Sobocinski's effort. "It's been overwhelming," he told NBC's Today show. "I've had the pleasure of going out and being on the front lines delivering. There's a lot of tears. Some people will tell you a story about how it's been a week since they've had a warm meal or five days since they've had anything nourishing. There's a lot of thank you's," he said.

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