When Feroza Syed was waiting in the drive-through line at a fast-food restaurant, she was shocked to see the man in the car ahead of her throw a large drink at the worker at the window who delivered it to him. Apparently, he didn't want ice in his drink. When Syed pulled to the window, the worker, Bryanna, was drenched and in tears, in addition to being six months pregnant. Syed expressed her outrage at the customer's behavior and offered to contact the police. She left a $20 tip with her order and, hours later, still thinking about the incident, she posted about it on Facebook and got a huge response. She then had an idea. She invited her Facebook friends to send "$5 or (whatever)" online and she'd figure out a way to get the money to Bryanna as a gift. Donations poured in, and even an online baby registry at Target was setup for the expecting mom. A few days later, she contacted the store manager and was able to give Bryanna the gift with $1,700 in donations from many strangers. Syed doesn't think she did anything special, though. "Doing the right thing inspires others to do the right thing, and what I keep learning again and again and again is when you see something like this or any situation where someone is being mistreated or harmed ... all it takes is one person to change the narrative," she says. "Anyone can do what I did."

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