Misao Kuwata, a 92-year-old Japanese woman, has become famous for her sasa-mochi, a rice cake wrapped in bamboo leaves. Her mochi is known for its soft texture; it melts in the mouth and brings smiles to people’s faces. Misao makes 300 cakes in a day, twice a week, and sends the sasa-mochi to the supermarket, where they fly off the shelf. About her process for making these treats, made of rice powder, red bean paste and sugar, Misao says, “It takes a lot of time and effort.” Much of the work is done by hand, sifting repeatedly and mixing until the batter is perfect. Through the summer, Misao picks the bamboo leaves in which she wraps, storing them for use all year. “Spare no effort and put your heart and soul into it” is the motto she lives by.

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