Giorgio Franyuti, 29, is a medical doctor who founded the non-governmental organization “Medical Impact,” which aims to bring medical care to people in remote, unmapped communities in Mexico. Dr. Franyuti, who has provided medical care in Sierra Leone, Colombia and Ghana, told Global Citizen, “I’ve never been in such conditions in other countries in the world. The government is non-existent. Nobody dares to enter." Traveling from one remote village to another, Franyuti teaches communities about health and sanitation, such as hand-washing and sexual and reproductive health, and says that these practices can have a huge impact. “That’s the marvelous part -- you can accomplish things. You don’t need huge budgets, you don’t have to have a seat at the UN, you don’t have to have presidential approval," he said. "You can be a normal citizen…and go out and change the world."

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