"Kids are known for leaving dirty laundry in their wake. Well, one mom from Port Townsend, Wa., took things to the next level in response to her daughter's dirty sock which was left for days on the bathroom floor," writes The Today Show. When Xep Campbell noticed her 10-year-old's dirty sock on the bathroom floor, she would normally pick it up. But this time, she decided to make it "a sort of sociological experiment" and wait to see how long it would be till her daughter noticed. After the sock remained in the same spot for a week, Campbell had another idea: She made a mock art gallery label, listing her daughter as the artist of the "mixed media" work, and posted it on the wall above the sock. "I try not to take anything in life too seriously, and we often play little jokes on one another. So I made the museum label and figured she would roll her eyes, laugh a little and then pick up the sock," Campbell said. But what happened next was even more hilarious. Instead of getting mad, or actually picking up the sock, the 10-year-old made a pedestal for the "art piece." When Campbell posted a photo of it on Facebook, it instantly went viral, providing some comic relief in a difficult year.

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