On a weekend afternoon, Lorenzo Lewis met with a small group of barbers -- not just about hair-cutting, but about how they can support their clients' mental wellbeing. The founder of a national initiative, Confess Project, Lewis is training barbers to support the mental health of Black men. The project stems from his own experience being diagnosed with depression in his 20s, and seeing a lack of mental health services for Black men in need. As recently as 2018, American Psychological Association reported that only 4% of U.S. psychologists are Black. In Chicago's Near North Side, barbershop owner Darren Roca says, "It's a long joke, you know; it's the Black man's Country Club today. You don't have many places that you can go to and have fellowship and communicate and just let your hair down. Literally, you know, in this case, you're cutting it off."

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