Shanthappa Jademmanavr, a sub-inspector in Bengaluru, Karnataka, knows about the problems of migrant children. Having been a migrant worker himself, he knows how education can prove a lifeline for such children, who in the best of times, have little or no access to schooling since their parents take them hundreds of miles away from their home states in search of livelihoods. The COVID situation has only aggravated their plight. So every morning, before reporting for his duty at the police station, Shanthappa takes classes for 25 such children, duly social distanced and masked. “It is not their fault that they can’t go to school or can’t access online education. I don’t want these children to join their parents and work. I want them to study. It is a priority for me,” says this determined policeman, who is a guardian in the truest sense of the term.

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