In Ohio, like many other ares of the U.S., Covid-19 cases are surging as the holiday season kicks into gear. At one Cleveland restaurant, owner Brendon Ring explained, "Covid is so out of control in Ohio that I decided to voluntarily close down until January." Last Saturday, November 21 -- their last open day -- a customer came in and ordered a drink. He promptly asked for his check, paid it and brought it over to Ring, saying, "Good luck to you guys, and we'll see you when you reopen." He also asked Ring to share the tip with the wait staff. Upon looking at the bill, Ring realized it listed a $3,000 tip for a $7 bill. He asked if there was a mistake. "No, that's what I intended. Share it with the staff, good luck to you guys, Merry Christmas and we'll see you when you come back," was the reply. When Ring shared the news with the servers, one thought it was a joke, and another started crying. The four servers working that day each took home $750 from the tip.

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