In efforts to curb consumption, this Black Friday, the home goods retail giant IKEA is launching a "Buy Back" program in 27 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia. The temporary (for now) program is running from November 24 till December 3rd and invites customers to return used IKEA items in exchange for a voucher that they can use for future purposes. If IKEA cannot resell an item, the company intends to recycle it or donate it to community organizations. "We don't want to encourage people to over-consume," Jenn Keesson, sustainability manager at IKEA US stated. "That's one of the challenges we've identified that we feel like we can make a big impact on within our whole strategy." While IKEA US is not on the list of countries experimenting with the buyback initiative this year (due to complexities with legislation in some stores localities), it has partnered with Goodwill Industries to experiment with such a program in the past. There are 374 IKEA stores in 30 countries. "I think in a dream world, it is that every product that you would buy is coming from recycled materials that are closed-loop in our own supply chain. And that [with] everything we're utilizing in a store, there is no waste going to landfill," Keesson said.

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