Robin S. Pukhram, Principal of a school in Manipur, regularly travels 120 km through hilly forest terrains to remote villages just to hold parent teacher meetings, saving parents the trouble and expense of travelling. He has also built a hostel for underprivileged students. His efforts have not been unnoticed: the number of students enrolled since 2015 has increased from 50 to 525.
Vinodh Kumar, a retired science teacher from Kozhikode has used his pension money to buy 18 digital tablets for students from needy families. “Growing up in a middle-class family, I have reached where I am in life with the help of a lot of people; now it’s time for me to pay it back,” says Kumar who has also instituted an annual cash prize for his school’s best performing student.
Being admitted in hospital for COVID 19 could not stop Kifayat Hussain, a maths teacher from Leh, from reaching out to his students. Helped by the hospital, school and the Leh administration, he recorded videos and taught one-hour classes for grade 9 and 10 students through the zoom platform. “When I take classes, I feel refreshed. I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in life. I couldn’t let the virus take [that]” says Hussain.

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