Speaking to the BBC's Sophie Long on November 7, voters at a Trump rally in Arizona displayed a civility rarely televised across a turbulent presidential election. "These two [standing next to me] have been wonderful, there have been a lot of people checking in with me saying, 'Hey, we just want to make sure you feel comfortable ... because, right now, you're the odd one out,'" said a Biden supporter of the Trump rally-goers. "Americans can unitedly stand and overcome any division," she added. Next to her, a woman, draped in a Trump-Pence flag replied, "I respect her vote. Obviously we voted differently.... She's been super kind as well. We've been standing here having a conversation." BBC's Long then turned to another Trump supporter carrying arms, and asked, "Are Biden supporters welcome at this Trump rally?" "Absolutely. They're Americans, why wouldn't they be?" the man replied.

Watch video below.