Five year-old Nevaeh Lowe recently lost her best friend, Tin Tin, when the cat had to be put down. Nevaeh was brokenhearted and decided to say a final farewell, which she did in a letter addressed to Tin Tin in heaven. Nevaeh’s mom Tamara warned her that heaven might be too far away to send a letter, but the child insisted. A kind-hearted postman found the letter and penned a reply. Part of Tin Tin’s message read, “I’m being fed and looked after well by the angels. I know you are sad that I’m not there with you but please don’t be. In here is a cuddle cat that I thought looks a little like me. So if you do feel sad you can cuddle him like we used to.” Tamara said that, “since the letter came back she has been so much happier. She needed one final goodbye, and to know that Tin Tin was OK without being there to look after her.”

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