During Monday’s terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria, two Austrians of Turkish descent, Recep Tayyip Gultekin and Mikail Ozen, risked their lives to help others. The men were in the city center when the attack began and headed toward the incident. They saw the attackers shooting at civilians and stepped in to help. First they took an injured woman away from the scene to get her help. Next they helped an old woman who was in shock from the attack. After that, they saw another attack on a police officer and rushed in to help the wounded officer, when neither medical teams nor other police officers did. “I told Mikail we will do this. We reached the police…. We carried the police to the ambulance, me by holding his back, and my friend by his feet,” said Guletkin. “If the same thing happens tomorrow, I wouldn’t hesitate to save people. I don’t want to see discrimination between Muslims, Jews or Christians. Terror has no place in these religions. Terror is terror everywhere.”

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