Since the pandemic hit, Taiwan has only had 553 cases of Covid-19 and seven deaths. The island nation with a population of about 24 million people has been credited as a success story in its handling of the pandemic. Its efforts included checking people for symptoms as early as Dec. 31 of last year, closing down its borders in January and implementing a sophisticated contact-tracing system. Epidemiologists and scientists have led the government's communication efforts around preventative measures without inducing panic. Taiwan's GDP is expected to grow in 2020 and 2021. The country has not been Coronavirus-free, however, reporting 20 new cases in the past two weeks from travelers coming into the country. On Oct. 31, some 130,000 people hit the streets of capital city Taipei for the LGBTQ Pride Parade. Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control publicly thanked its citizens for their cooperation in making that a possibility.

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