Tessa Sollom Williams, a 90-year-old former ballerina in Washington, D.C., has kept herself entertained by watching the outdoor fitness classes at a nearby gym from her apartment window. She watches classes at Balance Gym that take place from 7 am to 7 pm and tries to emulate the exercise moves. Little did they know that their outdoor exercise classes were having this inspirational effect on their neighbor, until Williams’s daughter emailed to tell them. Daughter Tanya Williams’s email said in part, “I am writing to thank your members for working out! My 90-year-old mother lives at Thomas Circle on the 8th floor facing your rooftop. Your members and trainers have inspired her before and definitely throughout the pandemic.” Gym staff were touched by the email and wanted to provide additional inspiration, so they had a mural painted that says “Keep Moving” for Williams to enjoy.

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