"By my late twenties, I’d hit a point in my life when I was feeling lost, struggling to find work, and had to move back home with my family," Mercedes Edney begins. "I’d tell all my friends I didn’t know what to do." Then a friend reminded her she'd spent her childhood listening to family members talking about skin ailments and dispensing appropriate lotions. The friend suggested she to do a six-month academy course to get a beauty license and then start her own business. Realizing her job wouldn't cover all the fees and living expenses, she thought, "I’d seen others set up crowdfunding pages to help them meet their goals. I thought I’d do the same; I knew if I could get a little help, it would leave me more time to concentrate on learning," Edney writes. After posting her page on Twitter and receiving $300 in donations, she was over the moon at people's generosity. Then she received a generous donation that covered the $5,605 remaining for course fees. It came with a note bearing a familiar name, saying, "I’ve seen this be your passion for such a long time now. So excited to see you fulfill your dream!" It was from model and television host Chrissy Teigen, Edney writes. "The amount might have been a drop in the ocean for her, but it was life-altering for me. It was the stamp that made me feel, 'Yes, I’m on the right track.' She didn’t have to do that."

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