When wildfires tore through Berry Creek, Calif., in September 2020, it destroyed the homes of six out of the community's seven volunteer firefighters, as well as the fire station. "We were driving through, trying to get people evacuated, drove by my house -- I said, 'Bye house' and kept going," recalled firefighter Katherine Molohon, who had since moved into a shed as she and crews continue to work to keep the community safe. When Woody Faircloth learned of this, he immediate got to work -- sourcing and delivering RVs for these firefighters to stay until they can get back on their feet. "People have RVs [that] may be used once or twice a year, or maybe they don't use them anymore at all," Faircloth explains. "When they donate them to us, we can immediately deploy them to people that need them most.... It's super powerful and just an amazing gift from the donors."

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