Boyan Slat is a man on a mission to clean up Earth’s oceans, and his organization, The Ocean Cleanup, has successfully started to clean the pollution in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Even as that garbage is reduced, more flows into the oceans from rivers, which is why Slat has now set his sights on collecting garbage out of the most problematic rivers. Slat said, “So if we focus on the worst rivers, we believe we can have the fastest and most cost-effective way to close the tap and prevent more plastic from reaching the oceans in the first place.” The Ocean Cleanup’s goal is to tackle the 1,000 most polluted rivers within five years, with the side benefit of helping the communities near those problematic rivers. “We are getting out tons of plastic every single day,” said Slat. His organization then has the plastic recycled into sustainable materials and uses the profits to fund further clean-up efforts.

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