Necessity is the mother of invention, according to an old saying, and that seems to be holding true these days. A strawberry farm in Australia was having a difficult year in 2017, with low sales and a lot of waste, which prompted them to pull out an old ice cream maker. The idea was that, when people came to buy strawberries, they could sit and enjoy some homemade ice cream. Since then, they’ve been making their own strawberry ice cream, which has helped them drastically reduce farm waste, diversify their business and create a tourist attraction. Similarly, an herb farm in Australia was concerned when Covid-19 forced the closure of fresh food markets this year; they planted half the normal crop and were worried about the potential loss of revenue. Then, an unusual request from a customer suggested a possible side hustle -- the customer wanted the farm to send her mother all the herbs they grow. That led to the farm producing edible herb bouquets, which have been very popular and helped keep the herb farm in business.

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