Howdy Homemade, an ice cream shop in Dallas, Tx., opened in 2015 with a workforce comprised of all special needs individuals. Tom Landis was inspired to open the shop after meeting and seeing Coleman Jones in action in another one of his restaurants. Jones became VP of Howdy Homemade and the face of the store. When the pandemic started, Howdy Homemade was hard hit by the two-month closure and low demand after reopening. Landis was considering shutting the store down, when friends started a GoFundMe Page, which has raised over $100,000. Additionally, when Landis and Jones went on the Today Show, they received a $50,000 grant to expand the store from Marcus Lemonis, host of the show “the Profit.” Landis said, “It’s truly the City of Dallas’s restaurant. People are not supporting Howdy Homemade because of Tom Landis. They’re supporting it because of Coleman and the others, and I think, as more businesses start to realize that, the world will change.”

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