After a mother got to McDonald's with her three children crying in the car from tiredness and frustration, her hope to get some relief in the form of a meal the children would enjoy fell apart when she realized she had left her purse at home. Stressed and annoyed by the setback, she looked at the young man who was taking her order and apologized for having to cancel it, as she didn't have her wallet. But before she could even say she'd come back with her purse, the young man swiftly reached for his own wallet and swiped his card to pay for the meal for her. The mother couldn't believe what was happening and went on to insist that she didn't have any money to pay right away, but the young employee shrugged it off, saying, "No it's fine, ma'am, I got it." Touched, the mother snapped a quick picture of him and shared the story online, starting with the line: "I am praying this reaches this young man's parents!!!" The mother of the generous young employee said her son hadn't even told her about his deed initially, as he didn't think it was a big deal. She explains being even prouder of him knowing he wasn't trying to get attention for his action. The post has touched people across the world.

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