Earl Moore struggled through his father walking out on the family when he was 12 years old. In his late teens, after a minor surgery left him with bottles of painkillers, he developed a 15-year addiction to opioids. Eventually, he got off drugs, but not until after five tries at rehab, two suicide attempts and nine months in jail. When Moore found a 12-step program and a mentor who taught him how to make stringed instruments, he also found the self-love and confidence that allowed him to turn his life around. In Hindman, Ky., Moore met Master luthier Doug Naselroad and asked to apprentice with him. Thankfully, Naselroad took him in, because as Earl says, "I was probably headed for death at that time. How many more chances do you get in life?" This amazing story comes full circle with Earl now a director of information technology and helping addicts turn their lives around.

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