When 5-year-old Carver heard about the fires affecting his home state of Oregon, he told his grandmother, Sasha Tinning, that he wanted to do something to help the heroes on the frontline. Tinning heard about a local donation drive for firefighters and took Carver shopping to buy groceries and other items for the firefighters. At the store, Carver fixated on a Baby Yoda doll, but not for himself; he felt the firefighters would need Baby Yoda more than he did. Baby Yoda was included in the care package, along with a note from Carver that said, “Thank you firefighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely.” Baby Yoda has been a huge hit with the firefighters, who chronicle his travels in a Facebook group so Carver and others can see how much he has helped them along the way.

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