On a quiet road in India’s capital, tucked away on a wide, red-bricked sidewalk, children set adrift by the country’s Covid-19 lockdown are being tutored for free. Kids ages 4 to 14 walk for up to a mile from their homes to this impromptu, roadside classroom and receive lessons in math, science, English and physical education. The teachers are a retired couple, the man a former Indian diplomat, who want to help children get through the lockdown and not be too far behind their classmates. With some schools closed and some families lacking the money to buy the tools for digital learning, Veena and Virenda Gupta decided they could help by teaching lessons for these children. Veena is trying to recruit volunteers to help with the classes, saying, “They should take a little bit of their time, an hour or so, if not every day, every alternate day, and come and help these children.”

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