Teaching and learning are challenges at the best of times, but COVID 19 has thrown up unprecedented situations that the whole world is learning to cope with. Turtuk in Ladakh is the northernmost village in our vast India, and has little access to power, Internet and mobile signals, all of which are deemed essentials for teaching students these days.The Principal of Turtuk Preparatory School, Sarah Shah, was unfazed though, and took to social platforms teachforladakh and projectparwaaz.in to request for volunteers to teach her 70 students over phone calls. For the past three months, 85 volunteers from across the country, many of whom are students themselves, are using pdf documents, videos and Whatsapp groups, apart from regular phone calls to communicate with their students. And the magic is beginning to happen, transforming the lives of not only the children but the volunteers who are gaining precious life skills through their generosity.

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