One dental office in California managed to have patients coming in with more excitement than apprehension for their dental care. They get to cuddle with Kismet, a 13-year-old Chihuahua adopted by the dentist and his wife. Kismet is reportedly a great stress-reliever. "After working so long in the industry, you begin to understand quickly you're just as much of a psychiatrist as you are a dentist," said Dr. Cameron Garrett. Knowing that patients come to his office with some anxiety, the dentist pointed to the science behind including a pet in this medical environment: "Interacting with an animal, having physical contact with a pet really lowers the blood pressure and heart rate." Kismet himself has been through a series of hardships. On top of the several diseases the Chihuahua has suffered from, all of her teeth had to be extracted due to periodontal disease. The fact that she might also have been abused in the past doesn't keep her from giving love to everyone who comes her way, especially children.

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