With the spread of the coronavirus, millions of American students have to start the fall semester online as their colleges have replaced in-person classes with online classes. The transition from physical to online can be difficult for some students, but there are some ways to ensure that the online semester is a success. One is to figure out your way of learning. Whether sitting at a desk or on the couch, you need to find out what is your way of focusing. When that is settled, making a schedule for studying can be helpful: Map out the timing of your day, so you increase your chances of sticking to your schedule. Another way to make the most out of your online studying is to find balance between your time dedicated to studying and the time you need for other activities. Keeping some time for yourself is essential. That being said, beware of the distractions the internet can offer: Make sure you don't get trapped opening one tab after the other. In addition, try having someone to check in with about the work you're supposed to do: an "accountability partner," someone who helps you make sure you do your work and encourages you. Keep in mind that your professors are also there to help you. Finally, find ways to maintain extracurriculars, which may be adapted to the digital sphere.

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