This is the story of a friendship between a lonely parent during Covid-19 and a giant creature that showed unexpected support: the well-known Bigfoot. It all started with fright for the sleepless mother, when she made an unusual observation: Bigfoot was standing by the road. The mother discovered that a man had been keeping this 6-foot-tall statue there for years, at the end of his driveway. But what is even more unusual than this encounter is what came out of it: The preoccupied mother found solace in the form of Sasquatch. Indeed, Bigfoot wasn't just standing there -- he was posing with a sign, sharing a punny encouragement to stay safe in the face of the virus. And he was wearing a mask, too. The statue was there everyday, and each time with a new pun, like: “Sasqwash your hands for at least 20 seconds," or “If I can avoid people, so can you." The signs were handwritten -- that human touch, on top of the sense of humor, is what made her look forward to seeing Bigfoot when she would go out.

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