AP history teacher Cathy Cluck turned pandemic lemons into lemonade for her students. Westlake High School in Austin, Tex, where Cluck teaches, started the school year with remote learning and Cluck looked for the opportunity in that. After asking herself “What can I do now that I couldn’t do in a normal year?” Cluck decided to take a road trip to historic areas she would be teaching about in her curriculum. She did live broadcasts and posted highlights to YouTube daily to help her students get excited about learning in the virtual realm. Cluck’s 15-day road trip (the #greatamericanhistoryroadtrip) took her to Gettysburg, the Lincoln Memorial, Jamestown and even the site of the famous Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr duel. Cluck plans to do it again if the school returns to remote learning and has set her sights on the South with a focus on civil rights.

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