Carlos Muniz, a San Antonio man who was hospitalized with Covid-19 the same week as his planned wedding, got the chance to say “I do” with the help of compassionate hospital staff. The wedding had been postponed because of the groom’s illness, but in the hospital, Muniz’s condition deteriorated and he was placed in ICU and on an ECMO machine as a last resort to save his life. Upon learning of Muniz’s postponed wedding, nurse Matt Holdridge decided to do what he thought the patient needed. Since tending to the patient’s emotional needs often assists in the physical recovery, the nurse said he knew he needed to make the wedding happen to keep his struggling patient fighting. The wedding did indeed happen on August 11, and the patient's condition started improving immediately. Holdridge says the wedding meant a lot to hospital staff, too, because of the challenges they've also faced during the pandemic.

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