In Florida, when teachers at St. Barnabas Episcopal School were given plexiglass tri-folds as sneeze guards for their students' desks, two first grade instructors wondered how not to let the sterile physical distancing designs overwhelm their 6-year-old students. Drawing inspiration from a Texas teacher's instagram post, the duo decided to turn each desk into a mini Jeep -- with the plexiglass tri-folds as the windshield. "We had a little meet-the-teacher session, and we gave them keys to their car and told them, 'Just like in a motor vehicle, you have to stay in your car at all times and wear a mask when you get out in case you come across hazardous conditions.' So we're playing on this vehicle concept to turn social distancing fun and more kid friendly," said teacher Kim Martin. As the young ones return to school, many of them can hardly wait to take their desks for a test drive!

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