Check out the five amazing people and their amazing stories of protecting animals: Birdwatcher Al Larson, age 97, was moved by the plight of bluebirds in his native southwestern Idaho. He has since built more than 350 nest boxes and helped more than 40,000 nestlings. Gregory Burns, a neuroscientist at Emory University, trains dogs to go into an MRI Scanner so humans can finally know what dogs are thinking. Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, is an orthopedic surgeon and inventor of elephant prosthetics. He built a prosthetic leg for 2-year-old elephant Mosha when she lost her leg in a landmine accident. Sergey Grigoryev, formerly a zoologist at the Kiev Zoo, rushed to the private estate of ousted Ukrainian President Yanukovych after the leader fled in 2014. He was moved to help the animals in the former President’s private zoo who desperately needed care. Four years later he’s still helping them. Pan Chieh is an engineer in Taiwan who makes wheelchairs for disabled stray dogs and cats in his spare time -- about 400 so far! Chieh says the wheelchairs help the animals more psychologically than physically, because with them, they are no longer trapped.

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