On Sunday, August 9th, New Zealand marked 100 days of no evidence of community transmission of coronavirus, "a rare bright spot in a world that continues to be ravaged by the disease," the Associated Press reports. "Life has returned to normal for many people in the South Pacific nation of 5 million, as they attend rugby games in packed stadiums and sit down in restaurants without the fear of getting infected." New Zealand's success with the virus is attributed to its strict lockdown in late March, when only 100 people in the nation had tested positive for the disease. In the past three months, new cases have surfaced in a handful of returning travelers who have been quarantined at the border. Officials still err on the side of caution, having seen other nations like Vietnam and Australia near elimination of the virus and then see new outbreaks. But, for today, 100 days certainly is reason for the country to celebrate.

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