When 8-year-old Aaron Moreno's mother lost her job because of the pandemic, he knew he wanted to help. In June, motivated by his keen interest in plants and a spark of the entrepreneurial spirit, he took their last $12 and started his own business. "The purpose of starting 'Aaron's Garden' was because I lost my job," Berenice Pacheco, a single mother of three, told KABC Eyewitness News. "I live in a shed, and we were struggling financially." The business started out small, but now their yard is filled with succulents and many other kinds of plants. "Thank you to all the people that bought a plant from me. It means a lot," Aaron said. With the money raised from plant sales and a GoFundMe campaign that has raised $25,000, he hopes to help his mother find an attorney so she can secure legal immigration status and move into a bigger house.

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