Ana Araujo and her 95-year-old father Joe Aboussleman in California found a way to keep busy during the pandemic while giving back to their community and spreading much needed cheer. They began making and selling fairy doors for $10 and donating the proceeds to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley Food Bank. Aboussleman would cut scraps of wood into doors while Araujo used her extensive crafting skills to create these beautiful and whimsical fairy doors. A fair door is "the magical portal between our world and the land of the fairies...often placed at the base of trees or along a skirting board and...always decorated," the San Jose Mercury News reports. The kits Araujo and Aboussleman sell include a door, a foam board for mounting, a piece of glass for the window, vinyl door hinges, a tack for the door knob and instructions on how to put it all together. Many of their neighbors have bought and decorated their own fairy doors, creating a map for others to find these little entrances to happiness. Since they started the project in May, Araujo and Aboussleman have donated $1,500 to Second Harvest Food Bank.

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