Benjamin Canlas of the Philippines once saw a food peddler riding a broken bike with missing pedals and, in act of kindness, used his savings to replace them. When he passed away last year at the age of 17, his parents formed a private foundation to honor his memory, the Associated Press reports. During the pandemic, while public transportation has been severely restricted and businesses have been shut down, many people have been taking up odd jobs to get by and often have to walk for hours in tough conditions. Benjamin foundation has donated bicycles to those in similarly situated positions. Recipients were nominated by their peers. One recipient said, “A bike isn’t just a simple thing. A bike, for me, is what supports my life. A bike is my partner in my work every day. Especially now that we lost regular schedules at my previous job.” And so lives on the legacy of Benjamin Canlas -- changing the world one pedal and one bike at a time.

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