"In the Navajo Nation, sometimes a single spigot on an empty road is the only water source around for hundreds of residents. Others have to drive from their rural homes into towns miles away to buy all the water they need for cooking, drinking, cleaning and livestock, because there's no infrastructure to bring it through pipes. About 40% of households in the Navajo Nation live without running water. But now, at a few houses, panels positioned on the ground pull moisture from the air, connecting to a tap inside the home and providing up to 10 liters of water (about 20 16-ounce bottles) a day, at no cost to the family. "Navajo Nation is about the size of West Virginia. In its population of 175,000, 54,000 have no water. Zero Mass Waters Source hydropanels use sunlight to absorb water vapor from the air. In the Navajo Nation, where Covid-19 is surging, they could potentially provide a lifeline.

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