In his first year of medical school, Malone Mukwende found himself repeatedly asking the same question: "But what will it look like on darker skin?" So last November, he and two lecturers at St. Georges, University of London, created a guide, "Mind the Gap," showing how clinical conditions appear on dark skin. "My motivations to create the book came from lived experiences like having people within my own community almost having a distrust for healthcare professionals because they have heard stories of misdiagnosis or had been misdiagnosed," 20-year-old Mukwende said. "There's certain points where I knew for certain that, in darker skin or skin like my own, the diagnosis would not be the same," he said. "I think the world has just woken up to a lot of the problems which currently exist. Now that we have woken up to these problems, we need to be able to make the future better because we can't be aware of these problems and do nothing about it."

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