"Portuguese energy utility EDP has announced the closure of its Sines coal power plant, bringing forward the planned shutdown of coal-fired power plants in the country by two years, from 2023 to 2021. In addition to Sines, the company is preparing to close one more plant and convert another unit in Spain, EDP said in a statement. The decision is 'part of EDP group's decarbonisation strategy' and was taken in a context in which energy production increasingly depends on renewable sources, the company said on Monday, July 13th.... 'Last year, we saw an inevitable reduction in the prospects for profitability of coal power plants, with the rising costs of CO2 emissions and more competitive prices for natural gas,' said Miguel Stilwell dAndrade, acting executive president of EDP. Portugal will be the third European Union country to close its coal plants early, after Austria and Sweden did so earlier this year. Belgium was the first EU country to end coal in 2016," Euractiv reports.

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