On April 23rd, Odnala Rajesh, a 42-year-old migrant worker who left his village in Telangana, India, to look for a better future in Dubai, felt unwell. After visiting the hospital, he learned his diabetes condition had worsened and was sent home to rest. In the following days, some government officials contacted him and took him to the Dubai Hospital, a private clinic, where he underwent treatment and was hospitalized for 80 days. He was in critical condition, but he did not know he was infected with coronavirus. After he recovered and was ready to go home, he discovered the hospital bill was more than 1.5 crore rupees ($203,000 US). Because Rajesh would never have been able to pay it, the Gulf Workers Protection and the Indian Consulate intervened and the hospital agreed to waive the bill. With the help of a local businessman he was repatriated and now is recovering with his family in Venugumatla.

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