In Argentina, soccer-deprived citizens have found a new way to play. Called "metegol humano," which literally translates as "human foosball," the new non-table game divides the field into 12 rectangular sections that can only contain one player at a time, with 5 players per team, instead of the usual 11, which aligns with Argentina's quarantine guidelines that allows 10 people at most to gather for an outdoor activity. "The ball is allowed to cross the lines, but players aren't, meaning that the emphasis of the game is on fundamentals like passing, shooting and interceptions rather than dribbling, footwork and tackling." Gustavo Ciuffo, one of the masterminds behind the concept, said: "I am a physical education teacher and I thought about what I could put together with what the [lockdown rules] allow me." He adds that the sport "is an activity of physical distancing, not social. We help people, after 100 days, return to something that was everyday."

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