"When coronavirus lockdown came to his California mountain town, businessman Craig Fierro realized there would be no children's birthday parties -- no friends playing games, eating cake and singing 'Happy Birthday.' Something must be done, he thought, to ease the disappointment. He found that something in his store." While his shop sells mountain sports vehicles and equipment, he also carries brightly colored toy replicas of the vehicles, the Associated Press reports. "Anytime kids come in the shop, it always catches their eye," Fierro, 45, said. "I thought, man, it would be neat just to hand out those gifts to kids right now, because they can't get all their friends over ... and at least maybe to put a smile on a face, you know, even just for 10 minutes." So that's exactly what he did. In April, he posted an invite on social media for any kid with an upcoming birthday to send him their name, date, and address, and he'd drop off a present. Fierro's daughters help wrap the gifts and accompany him on deliveries.

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