Psychologist Jill Suttie explores what she and so many of us have felt and learned during the pandemic -- and the growing discussion about what comes next. Her own experience, "living in a city that imposed shelter-in-place orders 10 weeks ago, as of this writing ... has been a mixed bag. I shifted to working at home pretty easily, but it’s been hard finding a routine and avoiding distractions. I’m connected with friends online, but I miss their physical presence. Plus, my sleep and mood have suffered as anxiety looms over the future of our society. I don’t want to negate these feelings or ignore our losses. But, as a writer for Greater Good [Magazine], I can’t help but see some positives coming from this crisis, too," she adds. Suttie offers five lessons she wants to hold on to once sheltering in place is lifted: "being with others is key to happiness"; "reducing stress is good for everyone"; "showing gratitude matters"; "we need less stuff that we think"; and we are stronger when we act together."

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