Daylan McLee was at his dad's for Father's Day when he heard a big crash followed by screams. He ran outside and saw an officer trapped in a crashed police cruiser that was moments away from going up in flames. Taking in the scene before his eyes, he didn't think about the current police brutality protests, or the year he spent in jail following a wrongful arrest, or when an officer kicked him in the face. Instead, all the 31-year-old saw was a man in need of help. He immediately ran, pulled the car door open, and dragged Officer Jay Hanley away from the burning car. Reflecting on the incident alongside his prior encounters with unjust law enforcement, he said, "We need to work on our humanity.... That's the main problem of this world. We're stuck on how to get up or to get even, and that is not how I was raised to be. You learn, you live, you move on and I was always taught to forgive big. You can't base every day of your life off of one interaction you have with one individual."

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