It all started with a conversation. Twenty-three-year-old Autumn Gupta knew her best friend was in pain, as footage of George Floyd was repeatedly played on news and social media. She called Bryanna Wallace, 22, who had been her college roommate at the University of Southern California. "We spent two and a half hours on the call, with me sharing my experience of how it feels when these incidents of racial injustice recur and there is no consequence or retribution," Wallace said. As a person of color but not a member of the black community, Gupta wanted to learn more, but she didn't want to burden her friend. So she decided it was time for self-education. Gupta, with Wallace's input, created a Google Doc about how to fight racism. She created a month-long curriculum: "Doing something consistently over time is how you change a behavior." It unexpectedly drew thousands of readers and this week was turned into a website.

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