"It was only a couple of hours before the massive Honolulu Black Lives Matter rally kicked off that its organizers -- all high school students -- first met each other face to face." Watching news footage of protests across the U.S., the teens started a group chat wondering: "How can we be safe and make a difference, without causing harm to ourselves?" said Samantha Carleton, 15. They planned a protest walking route, posted details on social media and coordinated with community groups who helped supply hand sanitizer, face masks, bottled water and bullhorns. One group brought in volunteers. "That was a huge factor in why this event came through with zero injuries, zero arrests, zero shouting matches," said Kawika Ke Koa Pegram, 18. An estimated 10,000 people turned up for the peaceful and emotionally stirring protest and rally, and the teens are keeping the momentum going with pushes for policy changes and encouraging people to vote.

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