When Handyna Thezan decided to explain to her 7-year-old son about the protests for George Floyd, he was confused. "Martin [Luther King] said the speech already, so this shouldn't be an issue," he told his mom. She turned on the television to show him the protests. "I want to go see," said 7-year-old Kai Ayden. "Maybe if they hear me, maybe if they see me, they'll stop." Arriving at the protest in Atlanta, Ga., he stood by the row of police officers and raised his fist. "He kept that fist up," described his mom. "He said, 'I have to be the next Martin Luther King, Jr. If he didn't finish from the speech that he gave so long ago, I have to have to tell them that I'm Martin Luther King, Jr.'" In his element, he gave fist- bumps to the officers. With an open heart, he said, "Mommy, I felt as if I had protection on both sides. The police were behind me. They protected me, and all the (protesters) were protecting me."

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