Sushant Singh Rajputs journey strikes an unmistakable deja-vu, if not in content, but certainly in character. A middle-class boy, who is taught that money and recognition is the meaning of success and the path to happiness. Works hard to enter engineering college. Finds his passion in performing arts, drops out in 3rd year. Goes to Mumbai, struggles but doesnt complain, for he is self-driven. He has to prove himself to his family, friends and above all to himself. Slowly climbs the success ladder. Money, fame, fans - all follow. But pretty soon, they become background noise, and he can feel a void in his life. Sushant introspects and realizes that what was missing was NOW. Rather than working towards a better tomorrow, he figured he needs to be present-focussed. When you enjoy what you do in the moment, all the success mantras hard work, vision, focus, belief, perseverance- are the by-products. You dont aim for them, they come along once you are excited about whatever you are doing. Excitement is the cause; excitement is the effect. In this speech at IIT Bombay, he shares this experienced wisdom to the current engineering students. Sushant has left us a bit too early, but has left with a profound message. May his soul rest in peace.

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