Mitti Cafe, founded by Alina Alam in 2017 at Bengaluru, employs People with Disabilities (PwDs). It has infused confidence and a sense of responsibility in otherwise vulnerable PwDs who traditionally face stigma, are demoralized, and considered a burden. The cafe employs 116 people thus helping them sustain their families. Kirti Kale, who suffers from paraplegia and stunted growth, manages accounts and a team from wheelchair. In normal times, the cafe is a shining example of inclusion, but during lockdown, they went a step further. Taking a cue from Raju, an employee with orthopedic disability, the cafe launched Mitti Karuna campaign to offer cooked meals to the needy. They have served 4.5 lakh people so far. It also inspires satisfaction among the PwDs that they are able to serve the nation in times of need. Besides the grit of employees, financial contribution from people, support of local police and corporations in distributing food has helped the cafe in sustaining their service.

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